Super Power School 2017


Unleash Your Super Powers!

13th to 15th October 2017

BE, Do and HAVE anything you WANT!

Have you ever worked hard towards a goal only to find that nothing happens? Have you ever been frustrated or annoyed that you never quite get to the outcome you’re trying to reach? Have you ever felt exhausted from trying so hard and almost given up?

Sometimes no amount of trying will ever be enough. Sometimes your subconscious mind is just not aligned with what you want. Limiting beliefs can prevent you from reaching or attracting what you want into your life. It’s not supposed to be hard to achieve your desired outcomes, but if you have limiting beliefs about your outcome, it can be impossible.

Super Power School is a unique opportunity for you to work closely with Peak Performance Coach and NLP Author Jess Robbins. You’ll make a quantum leap forward towards your dreams.

Whether you’re a total newcomer to personal development or an experienced coach, this weekend is designed to help you make the next step towards your dreams and breakthrough the limiting beliefs that are in your way.

Super Power School. Jess Robbins

Super Power School At A Glance


Super Power School is about unlocking the power that is already within you. It’s designed to give you the tools to build the life you want, instead of the one that’s been laid out for by society, your friends or anyone else.

With group and individual exercises, personal stories, examples, demonstrations and visualisations Jess Robbins will show you how to unleash your natural super powers, remove your limiting beliefs and have what you want NOW.


On day 1, you’ll meet your personal coach and set some goals for the weekend.

You’ll learn how to achieve goals effortlessly, how to overcome challenges and start manifesting what you really want, NOW!

At the end of the day you’ll have your first optional Super Hero experience with a crowd roaring your name.

Don’t miss out.

Class begins in:

General Admission & VIP Packages Available

Exclusive VIP Offer


 Front-row seating at a round table with your own 1-1 dedicated Coach for the whole event.

GOLD VIP Package

Up-front seating on a round table with 5 other delegates and your dedicated Coach at the table.

Limited Seats Available

3 Days To Unleash Your Super Powers

Day 1 – 9:30am to 7pm


  • An easy 3-step process for manifesting your dreams
  • Removing limiting beliefs so you can have what you want, now!
  • Mastering your emotions
  • Overcome fears and psychological obstacles
  • Break through personal limitations and boundaries
  • Your first super power experience.

Day 2 – 9am to 7pm


  • Mind-body mastery
  • Power to heal your body and create perfect health
  • The secret to weight loss, stopping smoking and overcoming other addictions
  • Change habits and unwanted habits
  • Find your true calling and life purpose
  • Construct your inspirational future
  • Heal and let go of emotional baggage from the past
  • Your second optional Super Power experience:


Walk across 10 feet of hot coals!

Day 3 – 9am to 6pm


  • Power to connect with everyone rapidly at a deep unconscious level
  • Power to positively Influence People Effortlessly
  • Power to create amazing relationships
  • Power to connect to your masculine or feminine essence and create passion
  • Create the NEW LIMITLESS YOU!

About Jess Reed-Robbins

The Creator of Super Power School

Jess Reed-Robbins has made it her life’s work to make the impossible possible!

She is an author and speaker and trains individuals and organisations in the secrets of peak performance psychology so that they can achieve their dreams too! 

But life wasn’t always like this!


At age 27, she was 6 stone overweight, suffering with constant pain from a back disease, in a dysfunctional relationship and had a job that she hated. Food and alcohol had become her only forms of escape and in 2004, she reached rock bottom. Morbidly-obese and depressed she knew that she literally had to change or die!

In her search for a solution, she discovered the transformational powers of performance psychology, NLP and even quantum physics. She set out to find the limits of what the power of the mind can do. For example, she: 

  • Reprogrammed her relationship with food and wrote a book called “how to lose weight without dieting” to help others do the same. Freedom from body image problems and food addiction is possible!
  • Cured her phobia of public speaking in just 30 mins and learned how to create super confidence in all situations.
  • Cured many phobias since, helping people to live their lives to the full with total confidence.   
  • Became free from back-pain by mastering the mind-body connection and returned immediately to competitive sports.
  • Helped athletes master their mind-body connection and qualify for the Olympics, women to have pain-free births, people to heal from injuries, helped infertile women conceive and is now even investigating how to help people overcome cancer using the power of their mind.
  • Re-wired her relationship blue-print so she could attract the man of her dreams and change her old relationship patterns. Jess then helped others to attract their perfect partners too.
  • Created a successful business, helping people achieve incredible results and has become a top expert in her field, creating wealth beyond her wildest dreams.

At 39, Jess is already living her dream life and helping thousands of other people do the same.

What Happens At Super Power School?

Take a look at what happened at the last couple of Super Power Schools.

As well as working closely with your coach, making a leap forward towards your dreams and breaking through your limiting beliefs, we’re confident you’ll meet great people and have a lot of fun at Super Power School!

The Firewalk*

Fire-walking is a great way to experience the true power of mind over matter, to breakthrough and to overcome fears by doing something that seems impossible!



It can be a high-octane, loud and motivational experience or a quiet, spiritual and meditative experience, great for connecting with yourself and your goals at a deeper level. The firewalk is entirely optional so you can always just spectate if you prefer.

* the small print – Firewalk will take place only if weather permits. Health & Safety is our primary concern so a decision as to whether to walk will be made during the event. We will also reserve the right to refuse permission to firewalk to anyone we deem unsafe to walk. 

Event Details

Time and Date:

Friday         Registration at 9am. Event starts at 9:30am – 7:00pm
Saturday     9:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday        9:00am – 5:00pm


The Compleat Angler Hotel
Buckinghamshire SL7 1RH
United Kingdom


Jessica Reed-Robbins
Reed-Robbins Performance Solutions
0800 083 8013


If you register your place and then decide by 3pm on the first day that Super Power School just isn’t your thing, we’ll refund your ticket in full.

If that turns out to be you, you can just find a member of staff and hand them your materials. They’ll give you a cheque for your ticket price and you’ll be free to leave knowing at least you gave it a shot.

What are you waiting for?

Register NOW

A Message From Jess If You Haven’t Decided Yet…

“If you’re reading this, it’s possible that you’re looking for that one piece of evidence that would justify spending the money and taking the risk. That one benefit, which you KNOW is worth investing your time and money in.

You want to feel certain that you’re going to get something wonderful in return for your faith in us! Something you couldn’t get from somewhere else or by doing it on your own. You want to be sure that this is the answer you’ve been waiting for…

And I get that! More than you can imagine! So please take the time to read my message to you, because I don’t want you to talk yourself out of doing something incredible the way I almost did 8 years ago, when I was reading about a 3 day personal development that turned out to be the catalyst for everything I have achieved since.

Firstly, let me just ask you a question…

If money was no object, would you have already signed up?

If yes, read on! If it’s not the money, then ask yourself what’s really holding you back? You can always talk to me in person if you have a question about the course. 

Secondly, consider the MINIMUM amount you could possibly gain by just being in a positive, supportive atmosphere with 40-50 other amazing people and experienced coaches for 3 full days. Let’s assume that the worst case scenario is that you just gain ONE thing from all the exciting opportunities we promise! For example:

– Finding your life’s calling
More energy and excitement
Transforming or starting a new relationship
Experiencing a supportive crowd screaming your name
More confidence and self belief
Feeling worthy of your goals 
Improvement in your finances 
Overcoming an obstacle that’s held you back all your life
New friends, clients, or even a future wife or husband!
Let go of a painful memory, phobia or unwanted emotion
Change the life of your friends, family members or children
Find out who you really are

Now consider the VALUE of those benefits in £ to YOU.
i.e. How much would you pay to make that change right NOW if you could?

Next, imagine you can wind the clock forwards 20 years and experience the cumulative benefits of those changes… how much would that knowledge be worth to you in retrospect? Hopefully at least £247, but it could be priceless!

But let’s consider the possibility that you get to the event and by 3pm on the first day, you decide it’s just not your thing… so you find a member of staff, hand them your materials and they give you a cheque for your ticket price and you are free to leave knowing at least you gave it a shot!

PLUS, remember that it’s very rare that anyone really regrets the activities they’ve spent money on!  You can always make more money, but the real regret comes from always wondering what might have happened if you’d been there.

Finally, just as a comparison, remember that just one 90 minute coaching session with me costs the same as 3 FULL and unforgettable days at Super Power School where your coach is available to you throughout all 1710 minutes of the event!

I really hope to see you there and allow me to share with you the many secrets that have helped me become the person I was always supposed to be.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and your Super Powers!” – Jess Reed-Robbins

Super Power School Graduates Said:

  • “It just made me realise again that there’s so many lovely people in the world and I’m going to go out and find them.”

  • “I’ve just had a fantastic weekend. This is a gift that everybody really, really, really should make the time to give themselves.”

  • “It was the just best weekend ever and if you thinking about doing it, just go for it. Do it. It’s like life’s missing instruction manual.”

  • “It’s been amazing. It’s been life changing. You’ve got to do it.”

  • “It was an absolutely brilliant three days and I feel like a new woman. Thank you very much.”